Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best Friends Animal Shelter

I am one of 4 advisors to a group called the Leadership and Resiliency Club. We went to Kanab a couple of weeks ago to work at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It is a huge 37,000 acre ranch dedicated to saving all kinds of animals. (The Michael Vick pit bulls got sent there to be rehabilitated.) Our project this day was to clean up after several hundred bunnies that had been rescued from the Arizona desert. A bunny breeder had lost control, and 500 bunnies had to be picked up and found homes for. They spayed and neutered them as fast as they could, but in a matter of weeks, there were 1500 rabbits.

A few of the kids from the LRP group.

We scooped poop.

Sara Sisam suiting up.

The compound complete with yert.

The sign says, "Smile as you enter. What better place could you be." Nice thought but I was actually thinking someplace a little less stinky could be nice.

The magnitude and scope of the projects Best Friends is willing to take on is amazing. They have dogs, cats, horses and even pigs.
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