Monday, May 25, 2009


Time to post grades. They did AWESOME!

Kudi did really awesome with her grades. Three A's, two B's and a C+. I don't know what classes correspond to what grades, but she did well especially considering she works 30 hours a week. She's nearly done with her Associates, and plans to start the paramedic program in August.

The boys also did a good job with their grades.
I could just tell you they got straight A's, but check out these percentages! (And as a bonus, check out their new summer "beat the heat" hair do's.)

Computer Tech A 100%
Orchestra A 99%
PE A 94%
Lang Arts A 93%
Math A 92%

Geometry A 101%
Biology A 100%
Theatre Tech A 99%
Spanish A 98%
Geography A 96%
Lang Arts A 93%
PE A 93%

Friday, May 22, 2009


A couple of years ago Scott was on a plane and as it landed at the airport he could see another plane out the window, obviously a corporate jet from Frito Lay, painted to look like a giant potato chip bag. Behind him sat an elderly couple, and he heard the lady say to her husband, "Oh, look at that plane!" After several long moments the gentleman very gently replied, "I'm sorry, Dear. I didn't hear you." There was no response for several seconds, and then he heard the lady answer sweetly, "That's ok, Dear. I can't remember."

That's the funny part.

The sad part is . . . Scott and I have done this.

Guess I'm feeling old today. I had to go to the doctor and have a breathing test. That's what happens when you get old. You have to have a test to tell you whether or not you are breathing.
I was. I mean, I am. In fact, the doctor was astonished at my ablility. He hadn't seen anything like it. I breathe like I'm a "big guy!" (Picture hand motions showing Arnold Schwartzeneger in his prime.)

But it's nothing some good drugs won't fix. That's the other way you can tell if you are old. You have to take medicine everyday for the rest of your life in order to maintain the quality of life you have grown accustomed to.

The third way you can tell if you are getting old is when you have to put your medicine in those plastic organizers, with a little compartment for each day of the week, because you can't remember if you took them or not. You were probably too deaf to hear your spouse remind you to take them. I'm not there yet. I'll let you know.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So last night we went to Jared's school for an Awards Assembly. Jared received the award for top Science student in the 9th grade. I remembered my camera (surprise!), but the batteries were dead (big surprise!). So here's a picture from today.

The funny story of the evening - very revealing about Jared's personality: Jared was telling us that he probably just got the award because his teacher likes him. The teacher calls him "Oh Silent One." He said the teacher will ask a question and no one will know the answer, and after several minutes the teacher will turn to Jared and say, "Oh Silent One, do you know the answer?" And of course, Jared does.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scotty's Post

Blog sounds to me like what people do while leaning over a toilet after a long night of binge drinking. Regurgitating my thoughts and feelings all over the web seems similar. I hope I don’t get any on your shoes... but here is my blog.

I’ve never been the best a staying in contact or writing and calling regularly. My guilt over that fact has pushed me to blog. My lovely wife, affectionately known as Mama-Bear, has agreed to relinquish a portion of space on her Ford Family web-site and allow me to post a few words.

As these weekly, monthly or whateverly writings add up, the body of evidence should be revealing to say the least. Fact is... I haven’t written much of or during my life precisely because of the revealing nature of the prose. We’ll see if I can maintain long enough to get rid of this guilt.

46 and a half. That is how old my body is. Its another late night and everyone but me and Paden (our trusty Wal-Mart mutt) is long since sleeping. My eyes are straining to focus on this page but basically things are remaining quite fuzzy. Things are blurry because my eyes are also 46 and a half. We’ve seen a lot, but after a long day, now we’re seeing it less clearly.

I was recommended and interviewed to become a High Priest in church today. To those of you outside the church, that means I will have additional priesthood responsibilities and more opportunities to serve others. Those within the church know it means my body is 46 and a half, my eyesight is fading, my talks are becoming much dryer and enduring to the end has taken on new meaning. Okay, one blog down (or up-chucked) with many more to come forth. Carry on... soldier!


Saturday, May 2, 2009


(NOTE: If you click on the pictures they get bigger, and you can see Ian's facial expressions.)

Ian has been swinging a bat since he was little. I wish I had a scanner so I could scan in a picture of him in nothing but a diaper and a baseball hat, swinging a big yellow bat. His foot at the perfect twisting position. What a natural.

He hit a double a couple of games ago. His friend's dad is the coach, Marty Zappoli from New York, complete with accent and all. Somehow baseball is more fun wit a eastern accent around.

The coach gave him the signal to bunt. A couple of games ago the coach gave him the signal to bunt, and I think that's when he hit the double. When he got to third the coach said, "Ian, what does this mean?" "It means bunt." "What did you do?" "I swang away." No apology, no remorse. The coach busted up.

Even though this is the Majors, this coach still rotates the kids around to different positions. We don't win every game, but no one is stuck out in left field all the time and that is good. This is Ian's turn to be in the outfield, and he's moving to get the ball. It's really fun to watch the games now because the kids get it. Some of them are pretty good ball players, sliding into third, popping up and stealing home. Ian hasn't had the chance to slide yet. He's such a long lanky thing, I think he'd make the perfect first baseman (he's as tall as I am now). And nothing makes him look taller, and skinnnier than his baseball uniform. What a cutie.