Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Boys

Just a couple of things. It is so weird to have the boys to suddenly, or so it seems, be so much bigger than I am. Ian can rest his chin on the top of my head. He is thoroughly tickled by this new ability. I took the boys shoe shopping today and Ian bought size gigantic while Jared purchased humongous. It's ridiculous. They are immense. How can that be? How did it happen? How do I make it stop?

They make me laugh. Their word choices are always amusing. We were discussing Ian's upcoming birthday dinner. He decided he can get lots of food for the same money as going to a restaurant, so he wants me to fix a dinner of lobster tails, crab and shrimp. I asked, "What about salmon?" He replied, "NO! Only crustaceans." Who says that? What kind of word is that? Clever, funny, even brilliant. But it's not a very appetizing one, I think.

Pretty proud of Jared lately. He is really growing up. I think this concurrent enrollment college thing has really helped. I've caught him several times recently saying things like, Papa what's your schedule tomorrow? Can I sleep in and take the car, since I don't have class until later? Planning ahead. That's a new, and very appreciated, ability.

He did well on his ACT test. Got a 32, which will get him a scholarship just about anywhere in Utah. Too bad he doesn't want to go to a Utah school. I am still working on that.

Then, the best of all... he actually asked a girl to the prom today. He is embarrassed by the whole process and keeps saying OH GEEZ when I tell him everything he has to do, like get her a corsage, or get pictures taken. He is such a GUY and so clueless about what a girl thinks and wants. It's too funny. I hope he has a good time so he discovers he survived it and he can do it again because it was actually fun. Keeping my fingers crossed.