Sunday, July 19, 2009

St. George

When we got home from our family reunion/Lagoon/visit to the eye doctor trip, it was a toasty 115 degrees in St. George. Nice welcome. Actually, I don't mind the heat. I unloaded the back of the Vue and hardly broke a sweat. Scotty doesn't like the heat, so I told him to leave all the stuff in the car until it got dark, and then we'd get it out. Then I got worried my make-up or hairspray might explode in the car, so I tried to sneak and get things out myself. Scotty caught me but he stayed in the garage while I ferried things in. We're a good team.

So the family reunion was a hit, Lagoon was fun (and exhausting) and the eye doctor is taking Ian out of bifocals. We'll go back in 6 months to see how the new near-sighted prescription is doing. The trick now is: is there enough correction in his glasses to help keep his eyes straight? If he doesn't need glasses we lose the ability to prevent him from crossing his eyes, so more surgery becomes a possibility. However, the doctor thinks he's holding his eyes straight on his own without the bifocal, so that's why we are going to try to make the switch. (I know what I'll be fasting for over the next 6 months.)

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