Monday, September 21, 2009

Sundance Trail Ride

Our 26th anniversary. A quick trip to the Provo night life, and a morning ride at the Sundance Stables, up Provo Canyon and the Alpine Loop. The trail was called Stewart Falls. It was pretty steep and rocky, not really for the novice rider, so I was glad we left the boys at home. I decided, too, that this is the only way to hike anywhere near Mt. Timpanogos.

You can see the Sundance Ski runs behind us on this mountain, where they've cut the trees away.

Scotty rode Willy. Will he or won't he? He will. He did. He was a good horse. Scotty was in heaven.

The colors were just beautiful. The leaves were floating down all around us, and it smelled wonderful.

Thanks for the mini vacation, Scotty. Love You!

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