Friday, December 11, 2009

A Doozey of a Morning

Some days things just don't go smoothly but DANG! today was a record breaker.

I slept through my alarm (for the second day in a row, which also makes it the second time in my life I have ever done that.) So, I'm a half an hour late... only time for the essentials. No make-up, no making lunch. Then as I'm putting my coat on, I realize Jared has also slept through his alarm and now he is running about 45 minutes behind.

I wish him luck, ask Scott to make his lunch, and dash out to my car. Only to remember, my car is OUTSIDE because the garage door broke yesterday. Soooo.... my windows are covered in ice. I live in St. George; I park my car in the garage. I don't own a window scraper. I wait for the defroster (kind of), and zip off to work where---

Someone is blocking my parking space. They pulled in diagonally, blocking two spots, and left their car running. I honk several times because I know it is one of those darn choir students, and then finally, Mr. Proffitt, the French teacher comes running out! GRRRR!!!

It's 10 after 7 am and I already need chocolate. The good news is: I know where to find it.

1 comment:

  1. I overslept too! Maybe you should have an extra piece of chocolate for me :)