Sunday, January 3, 2010


Okay, so maybe we live sheltered lives, but some of the stuff we saw was pretty weird.

First was the "biohazard disposal" box in the restroom somewhere in Nevada. I guess it's okay to USE needles, as long as we dispose of them responsibly.

The boys wondered what was going on when we had to stop at the California border for the fruit fly inspector. I'm sure the rest of the world has experienced the huge toll gate system they've got going, and the guards who ask you if you have any fruit. That was a first for my boys and they wondered what country they had just entered.

I should probably not share this one, but oh, well. There was a woman in the bathroom at the San Diego Zoo who obviously had some paranoia problems. Or at least some big phobias. She was apparently afraid to sit on the toilet seat, which I know alot of women don't care for. But she was also, apparently, claustrophobic, so she didn't close the stall door. Weird. Really weird.

The last one is a fun one. Also from the zoo. In the parking lot as we arrived a fellow hollered at us from across the way, hey, congratulations Utah! Did you come to watch the Bowl Game? Hey you know that quarterback, Jordan Wynn? I was his Spanish teacher for three years!

I missed an opportunity there. I should have gotten my picture taken with him and posted it on Facebook!


  1. We'll have to remember the fruit thing if we ever go to California! That's pretty funny. Can't flies just cross the border on their own? Do they also have nets to catch the flies from the other states so they don't get in?!

  2. yeah that is some culture shock . . . wow . . . and I thought St. Louis was bad. ;-)