Friday, June 11, 2010

Beautiful day and a trip to the Silver Reef Mine

It has been over 100 degrees everyday this week, which has been nice since Scotty arranged for a break from his school work and it is my first week of summer break, as well. We spent too much time at the pool yesterday and got sunburned. Today was a wonderful 85 degrees and so we decided to go exploring at the Silver Reef Mine in Leeds which is about 15 miles away. They had a nice little museum there. The boys mostly enjoyed looking at all the old guns. (So predictable, really.)
We came upon some weird plants there. Brought it home and sliced it to see the inside. It looked like a cucumber. Another fun plant was a giant Mulberry tree that was 130 years old. We have never had a mulberry berry before. It was a cross between a black berry and a blue berry and stained our fingers and lips immediately.

Not the most exciting of pictures but it was so nice to have a pleasant, relaxing afternoon. We are enjoying the beginning of our summer. What a relief to our hectic schedule all through May.

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  1. What a fun way to spend the day :). Oh and wouldn't 85 degrees be nice?! I guess I should be happy for our rain here since it's good for the farmers, but I'm ready for some of your sunshine!