Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A couple of friends have season tickets and they couldn't make it, so they gave us tickets to a University of Utah football game. We decided a little trip together would be a great way to celebrate our anniversary (a little early.)

Here's us waiting at the Trax stop, to ride up to the U.
Here's a picture of everyone on the train dressed in red. Like the crazy hair?
Here's a picture of the mountains behind the stadium. What a beautiful place.
Here's a picture of the marching band forming a U. At the end of the song all 45,000 people yelled "Go Utes!" It was quite the experience.
Here's a picture of us at the game. If you zoom in, you can see the score. 38 to 10. It was so fun with crazy fans all around us motioning for the first down and screaming for the players. They really get involved. We had the best seats and were in the shade the whole time (no sunburns). We realized we hadn't been in that stadium since 1987 so it was a real treat to be back and think of all our fun (and not so fun) memories of our time at the U.

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  1. I love in the picture of the mountain how the whole stadium is red! So many fans, and fans can go crazy sometimes with their loyalty! Like the hair on the bus picture. Looks like you had a fun time! How many years have you been married now? We are about to hit our ten year!