Friday, April 5, 2013

Outside of the house

Here are some of the different plants and trees around our yard.

 The Bloomington Bluff from the courtyard by my bedroom.

 View across the back yard.

 Big Tree.

 Dunno. We have lots of these, though.

 Flowering Tree... lots of little white flowers that bloomed for just a short while.

A dozen Junipers.

 Pear tree.

 Fig tree

 This looks like a mug shot of a plant. In the courtyard.

 Little nasty hedge, I don't know what it's called.

 Farthest back tree against the wall.

 More courtyard.

Pitiful Pomegranate - 2/3 of it was dead and we cut it out.

 Our big tree started "snowing" last night and left a carpet of these things all over the lawn.


 Rose Garden

 Tree by the back wall.

Big nasty hedge surrounds a giant cedar in the front yard.

Fig fruit
And, oops, I forgot to take the Purple flowering plum tree in the front yard. The bees love it.  And finally, this beauty... We have some kind of Asian bush with big thorns, and beautiful flowers.

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