Monday, May 25, 2009


Time to post grades. They did AWESOME!

Kudi did really awesome with her grades. Three A's, two B's and a C+. I don't know what classes correspond to what grades, but she did well especially considering she works 30 hours a week. She's nearly done with her Associates, and plans to start the paramedic program in August.

The boys also did a good job with their grades.
I could just tell you they got straight A's, but check out these percentages! (And as a bonus, check out their new summer "beat the heat" hair do's.)

Computer Tech A 100%
Orchestra A 99%
PE A 94%
Lang Arts A 93%
Math A 92%

Geometry A 101%
Biology A 100%
Theatre Tech A 99%
Spanish A 98%
Geography A 96%
Lang Arts A 93%
PE A 93%


  1. you have some very smart children! congrats to you and your kids!

  2. Good reasons to brag!! That's very impressive! I know for those kind of percentages to be possible, they have to have a very supportive mom at home. Good job, Mom! :)