Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snake on the road

Here are a couple pictures of a snake I found on the road when I was out walking the dog.

I ran back home and got Jared and a box. He put the box on the ground in front of the snake, who was curious and slithered in to have a look around. I tapped him on the tail with my foot to get him all the way in the box. It worked, but the thing whipped around and hissed so loudly, and began rattling it's tail so loudly that I thought "uh-oh" maybe we got a rattler that lost it's rattle. It was three feet long and very cranky. Turns out it is a bull snake, aka gopher snake, and they like to pretend to be rattle snakes. It gave a very good impression.

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  1. blech . . . I hate snakes. I'm not really afraid of them, I just don't trust them. We had a pet snake for a while . . . I didn't like it too much and we ended up selling him. They creep me out-- so kudos to you for making this an adventure.