Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a really stupid week

Ian broke his hand on Monday. It has been a learning experience for me. Mostly, I've learned that the medical profession places broken bones on the absolute bottom of the priority list. I just didn't realize they were no big deal.

Monday afternoon when he broke his hand, I didn't know where to take him. I thought I should take him to the InstaCare, but I didn't want to go there and have them tell me to go to the Emergency Room. So I called. They said I could bring him there, but they would just put a temporary cast on him and refer us to an orthopedic guy. I thought, why would I want to do it twice? Can I just go to our regular doctor and get a cast? They transferred me to my regular doctor and his assistant said that, yes, they could put a cast on him if he needed it. Bring him in in the morning and they'll x-ray it. I paused. In the morning? So what you are telling me is, don't panic, it is okay to come in tomorrow. She said yes, just ice it really good and give him some ibuprofen.

So we go to the doctor. He looks at the x-rays and says we need to go to an orthopedic guy. He writes us a referral and when he hands it to me he says, just call them within the week. Within the week? Really?

So I call the orthopedic guy and get an appointment for Thursday. He looks at Ian's x-rays and says - - "I need to reset the bones in his hand before we cast it, and I have to do it in the Emergency Room." Are you kidding me?

Apparently the Emergency Room has an x-ray machine, and the doctor does not. Somehow this does not make sense to me, but there is no point in arguing. So the orthopedic guy says, "I will call you tomorrow, after my day of surgery and you can meet me at the hospital."

Seems like it is always tomorrow with broken bones.

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