Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

I volunteered at the Jubilee of Trees this year, as a tree-sitter. While I was there I enjoyed looking at the creative ways people decorated different trees. They always had a theme. Some of them were a little weird, I thought, and didn't really have too much to do with Christmas. For example the Penguin themed tree. Okay, so penguins live where there is snow and ice, but I still think it is a stretch.

For myself, I enjoy my tree. I have a Nativity theme. I have about 50 ornaments that all depict the scene of Jesus' birth. It is very cool. I love it. And, I guess the cat does, too.

This year I copied the Jubilee trees and made my own fancy tree topper. They are the big fad this year and they're called "picks".

A couple of my friends decorated a tree for the Jubilee, and they also used a Nativity theme. They won the Chairman's Choice award. Remember my friend, Tiffany? Yeah, she's still amazing. And the other friend is the very talented (she plays in the symphony) Melissa Bennion.

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  1. did you still my pic? :) just kidding. thank you for your kind words. it was a ton of fun and your tree is beautiful. love the tree topper.