Sunday, January 9, 2011

What are you waiting for?

Jared has gone back to Tuacahn High School. He really missed his friends there. It was fun having him at Dixie High, and it was certainly convenient, but this is where he wants to be and where he will be able to create those high school memories. He had to make quite a few promises in order to convince us to let him go back, one of which is that he will go on a date with a girl, and he will also go to a school dance, like Junior Prom. I hope those will be good memories for him, too. He's such a cutie.

We will have to cut back a little on the college classes, but that's okay. It's a journey, not a race, and it never was my idea for him to get his Associates during high school. I can already picture him graduating. He'll walk across the stage in that beautiful ampitheatre and we will be so proud. And he will be proud of his high school, and that's what counts.

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