Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay, so Jared has been sick and I called the doctor today and they called in a prescription to Target. So, what is it with it takes sooo looong to pick up a prescription. Do they have to call like, the president, to get permission? What's the deal?

His prescription was for 6 pills. It took 40 minutes. That's roughly 7 minutes a pill. 7 minutes. What else can I do in 7 minutes? I can empty the dishwasher in 7 minutes. I can drive to work from home in 7 minutes. I can give 3 pints of blood for plasma in 7 minutes. (Well, 7 1/2. Close enough.)

Heaven forbid I ever have to get a 3 month supply of something.


  1. Walgreen; Jay's had be sent to the wrong store. When he went to pick it up they told him he would have to have his doctor send another one to them. They wouldn't even check with his doctor. The next day when he went back the main guy said the girl should have check with the computer to see if it had been sent to the wrong store. Jay was fit to be tied, to say the very least.
    We understand where you are coming from.
    Love, Mom

  2. I love the way you write this! So often I have been frustrated by the same thing! I love drive thru pharmacies now. I drop it off and run some errands and pick it up on my way home . . . if it's done. Grr . . . what do they do behind that counter? Actually, I've dropped it off and come back for it only to have them open it and mix it right then so it doesn't always work out to your advantage.
    (Hope Jared is feeling better though.)
    Linda :)