Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Scotty and Jared at the Temple Quarry. The pioneers didn't even use all the rocks!

You can see our house from the Temple Quarry. It is right in the middle of this picture.

The Temple Quarry site offers a view into Green Valley and, in the opposite direction, a view of Southgate.

Ian is on the trail back to the car. What a great scene with Pine Valley Mountain in the distance.

We also saw many, many lizards out that day. They would scatter and run in every direction, like we were in the middle of a giant nest of them. Can see you see the one on the top of this rock?

Here are the drill marks in the rock that they chipped away to make the slabs for the foundation and the basement walls. The rock slabs weighed 5500 lbs. Incredible!

The picture above shows how they transported the rock under the wagon beds.

Monday we decided to check out the trail to the Temple Quarry site. Turns out, it is really close to our house, in fact you can see the trail from our back yard. I thought it was really neat because there were rocks on the side of the trail and you could see the holes and the drill marks in them from when they were sized back in the 1870's. I said to the boys, "Touch that rock! Those marks are old." The boys said, "We touched an older rock when you made us get out of the car in Hawaii and touch the rock King Kamehameha turned over ." I had totally forgotten about that! At least I am consistent in wanting them to touch a piece of history whenever they can.


  1. we just went on that hike yesterday afternoon! how funny! my kids however whined and complained the whole time. how is it that they can run and play all day long, but as soon as you ask them to walk with you, they act as though they will die?

  2. I love the virtual hike! The pictures are great and it helps me feel like I am right there.

    By the way, I also LOVE your family photo in your blog header. I smile every time I see your blog load. What an action packed snapshot into your family life and personality!