Monday, May 17, 2010

The Best of Compliments

I have a friend named Tiffany who I think is the most amazing person. Besides being amazingly beautiful, she has so many talents. She can sing, dance, make up programs like nobody's business, take care of nine kids, and yet she is still humble, teachable and faithful. Did I mention she also has style?

I would give anything to be like her.
So, it was the best of compliments the other day when I was trying on a new dress and I came out to show all my guys, and Ian said,"That looks like something Tiffany Nelson would wear."

Well, their family is moving out of our ward. They needed a bigger home for all those adorable children. And so after church I went up to give her a hug and tell her that I was in mourning. I am very sad that they won't be in our ward anymore. Her husband has been the Elder's Quorum president, and he is just rock solid and a joy to work with. But get this, she told me, "You know--- when I first moved into the ward I looked at you and I thought, I want to be just like her."
She wants to be like me. I couldn't believe it. That was truly the best and nicest compliment I have ever had.

It was so sweet of her to say that.
I will miss seeing them all in church each Sunday.

I still want to be just like her.


  1. Uhhhh, Is that a picture of her AFTER having nine kids?! Crazy!
    We have some of our favorite families moving out of our ward this spring. We are in mourning too!

  2. She sounds wonderful! I think it's a talent of some people to make you feel like you're special, valued, and respected. A talent that you also have!