Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Frozen North

After visiting the eye doctor in Salt Lake we headed a little further north to the Worldmark resort at Wolf Creek. It is about 5 miles from the Powder Mountain Resort. That's where they ski. A lot of snow is required for skiing. There was a lot of snow there. More snow arrived after we got there. It was cold. No one wanted to ski. We wished it was 70 degrees, like it was in St. George. I made these arrangements in January, when skiing seemed like a good idea, and I had hoped to get tickets to Conference, but that didn't work out. Oh, well. The resort was nice, and we enjoyed Conference on TV, with the comfort of couch and blankets to keep warm.
The little town at the bottom of the hill, (Eden, Utah) didn't have much in the way of, uh, amenities, and so we ended up at the Valley Market for lunch on Saturday. We thought we must have landed in a parallel universe because high school kids were having a "bake sale" for Ethiopia in the parking lot, and a sign advertising "Frog Leg Fridays" was flying on the light pole above us. Something a little incongruent about the whole thing.

Happy to be back in good ole Dixie where I was worried about getting a sunburn while watching Ian's baseball game last night. It was awesome-- both the game, and the sunburn! But that is for another post. :-)

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