Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SLC/Eye Doc and traditions

When Ian was nearly 2 years old, he had surgery on his eyes, well, his eye muscles, to be more exact, so that his eye's wouldn't cross and he could see straight. Seeing straight is a good thing. It allows a person to have depth perception. (Something Scott doesn't have - he had surgery when he was 4. His eyes look straight to us, but not quite straight enough for the brain to develop depth perception. We didn't see Avatar in 3D.)
So, about every 6 months or so we go see the Pediatric Eye Surgeon. In Idaho, we went to Pocatello. In Utah, we go to Primary Childrens' in Salt Lake.
We have a tradition of going bowling at the University of Utah Student Union whenever we have to go to Salt Lake to have Ian's eye's checked. Usually we go there to waste an hour after they put drops in his eyes to dilate them. This time, he didn't have any drops. But we went bowling anyway.
The good news is: the doctor finally called Ian's surgery a success, and said we don't have to have another check-up for a whole year. He kept his prescription the same, which is also good news. The Doc's happy. We're happy. See, can't you tell by these pictures how happy we are?

The "boys" really don't like to get their picture taken. This was the best they could do.

When we walked in the Student Union building at the University of Utah, someone made a remark about Jared's shirt. Guess we didn't think that one through.

Papa is the "pro."

They may not look too happy in the pictures, but we had a good time, made even better by the Jamba Juice and Jimmy Johns down the road. It was a good start to our Easter weekend.

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