Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feeling a Little Sentimental

I was vacuuming Ian's room this morning while he was at baseball practice and I noticed this:
We had to buy a bigger bat this season because he just keeps growing and growing, and he's outgrown the old bat.

His old bat.

Jared's old bat.

Kudi's old bat.

Tara's old bat.

That bat has been around a long time and seen 4 kids in t-ball, bobbi-sox, and little league. And now it is retired. Made me feel a little sentimental, especially since Ian will be 13 next month, the last of my four, and he'll become a teenager. (Sigh)

Oh, the good times we had with that bat. When Ian was in t-ball Kudi helped me coach his team. He did so awesome! And I remember the very last game we played, he was on the pitcher's mound, it was the last inning and we had two outs. The batter popped a line drive headed about a foot above Ian's head - and he caught it! It was so cool. The parents on the side line cheered for him. That was quite a feeling, to see others cheering for your son. What a way to end the season.

I think we need to have a party for the old bat.

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