Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Five Dollars I Ever Spent

I bought this little radio for $5 from Walmart a long time ago. Like maybe 10 years. Maybe longer. And I've only changed the batteries in it one time. Seriously. It is a marvel.

So I went to the pool yesterday, and since I was going by myself I decided I needed to take some music. I didn't want to take my Ipod, because trying to balance it on my chest while I'm floating around the pool seemed a recipe for disaster, or at least for a ruined Nano, so I opted for the little blue radio.

After 2 hours, yes, 2 hours (I was really taking in some rays) I decided to try another station. When I couldn't find a good one, I turned the radio off and left it standing, apparently, a little too close to the edge. A few moments later, I hear a "plop" and my head pops up and I see the radio going down! I swam as fast as I could to rescue it, but as I held it up to let it drain, water was dripping from every seam and crack, and I thought, "Oh no, I've killed our faithful little radio." I pulled the batteries out and left it in pieces laying in the sun to dry out. Since it was 108° out, I figured it wouldn't take too long. I tried it when I got home, but no go. Maybe if I let it dry overnight?

And sure enough! It's back! I'm so impressed with this durable little miracle. It really is a marvel.

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  1. And I bet they don't sell them anymore, right?! Just when you find the good stuff it disappears forever!
    When we moved here we had movers and when they unloaded their truck we found about 4 boxes SOAKING wet. One box had the VCR, DVD player, stereo, etc.
    I thought it was all gone but a few days of airing out and so far they are working!