Friday, July 30, 2010

My Guy Is Not Like Other Guys

I sent this picture from my phone to Scotty's yesterday.

I have been preparing a Sunday School lesson this week on Elijah. I wanted a clay pot to use as a visual aide to represent the widow of Zarapeth's barrel of flour that never wasted, and the barrels of water that Elijah had poured over the sacrifice in his competition with the priests of Baal. (I teach the 14 to 18 year old class, and I just try to do different things to keep it interesting.) I tried to borrow one from someone in the ward, but had no luck and on a whim, I decided to look at Lowe's, since I was driving by.

So here this pot is. Nine dollars and fifty nine cents on clearance. Part of me thinks this is a dumb idea. I don't HAVE to have a pot. So I take a picture of it, and ask Scott what he thinks. Part of me wants him to say, no, you don't need to spend money on a dumb pot. And if he says that I'll say, you're right, I know.

"I like it," was his reply.

What a sweetheart. I mean, REALLY. Any other guy would have said, are you kidding? In fact, when I brought it home and set it on the counter Jared said, "Seriously. You bought that?"

Not my Scotty. He's a one in a million.

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