Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Observation Point - Scotty's Turn

I really wanted Scotty to see Observation Point in Zion National Park, so I hiked it again, this time with him. I didn't know he had Monday off for Independence Day, so it was kind of a last minute thing, made possibile by Tara, who was willing to take the boys to their dentist appointments I had scheduled. (Thanks for always being so willing to help out, Tara!)

We tried to beat the heat and get on the trail early. There was a great deal of the hike that was in the shade, at least on the way up. Still, it was in the 90's. We each took 1.5 liters of water, and a liter of Powerade, and drank it ALL.

Scotty nearly stepped on a rattle snake. A BIG rattle snake. I only saw the last 12 inches of it's fat body. As it headed under a rock it paused long enough for me to count 8 or 9 sections on it's rattler. I was freaked out enough that I couldn't get a picture.

He always notices things that I never see... for example the hidden camera taking pictures of the trail. Apparently we were being observed on the trail to Observation Point. Kudi called it a "Game Camera." I'm not sure how it could differentiate between game and people, so I'm thinking we got our pictures taken. Or maybe it operates on a motion sensor at night, like the lights on our house. There, that makes me feel better.

We saw lots of little furry critters this time. Again, I couldn't get a picture of it, but there was a bush that was full of chipmunks, sitting on the branches eating the little berries off it. Quite the sight. Then there was and overly friendly squirrel that started following me. I thought it was going to climb my leg. Scotty sat down and tried to give it some nuts. It appeared to be nearly blind, as it had a great deal of trouble taking the food we left on the ground. Scott had to pretty much hand feed it.

As usual, a wonderful day in Zions. Made more wonderful since we got to spend it together.

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  1. That is so cool! I love that you were able to go with Scotty and show him all your favorite spots :)